Class Descriptions

Total Body Boot Camp Challenge yourself in this one-of-a-kind bootcamp that mixes calisthenics, body weight exercises, cardio and strength training with various weights and fitness equipement. Be prepared for high intensity training that takes your strength, stamina and agility to the next level. 

Barbell Burn  is an all new class created by Nowfitness Master Trainer Darcy Zenker. This 75 min workout will challenge and build all of your muscles groups by using the best barbell exercises-inlcuding squats, presses, lifts, and curls. Once we BUILD then we will BURN with HIIT Cardio to elevate your heart rate and trick your body. The BUILD and the BURN is the perfect combinations to get the results your are looking for and FAST! Great music, awesome instructors, and the awesome energy of the class will inspire you to push yourself like no other. You will leave class feeling motivated and accomplished. You choose the level of weights and intensity so this class is appropriate for all fitness levels!


Small Group Specialty Training  is held in our unqiue boutique fitness studio. Our method includes a combination of high-intensity interval training, strength training, and conditioning unqiuely designed in 60 minute sessions. Every workout is led by instructir Darcy Zenker who will be working individually with each member of the small group as they move through the workout, providing you with technical guidance as well as motivating you. In this way, you get all the benefits of a personal trainer... without the hefty expense. And because our studio is less than a quarter of what you would spend with a personal trainer, our team trains with us 2,3,4 times a week. Now, instead of having to figure out what to do on those days off between seeing a trainer, you can be on a complete and professionally designed program.

Every session is different from the one before and you'll never do the same workout twice! You can expect anything combination of elements in any given workout over the hour. From agility drills on ladders, teamwork movements that partner you up to push you, suspension/TRX training, kettlebells, free weights, boxing, biking, rowing, tire flipping, gymnastic movements, barre/yoga inspired fine toning, or anything your creative coach has developed within their own workshop to challenge you differently!

Core Fusion Barre Yoga  MThis is a one hour full body Fusion class which blends barre moves to build and burn the bootie, yoga inspired abs to work the core and yoga poses to end the class and give us that deep relaxing stretch. Our fusion class is set to candelight, ambient music and taught by Nowfitness master trainer Darcy Zenker. This invirorating yet releaxing class will clear your mind, refresh your body and have you ready for the week ahead. All levles welcome.